Hi there! Welcome to Edebé Mobile. Here you'll find amazing tales, historical games, fun maths... wait! what? yes, that's true! and also books that doesn't look like that... everything at the tip of your fingers. Whenever, wherever you want to play with us.

We do believe our apps are kind of different. Ok, that's what everybody says but we can pinky-promise all of ours will always provide two things: the highest quality pedagogical advice our Publishing House can guarantee and... we are looking forward to having fun together!

¿Why will you choose between fun and learning? Here you can have it all. Just tap on Edebé Mobile world and let you be amazed.

Edebé Mobile it's a division of Grupo Edebé publishing house. Grupo Edebé publishes top quality educational materials, covering every age's educational and literary needs, from preschool to high school and way beyond into adult life. Founded by Congregación Salesiana, one century ago, we thrive on encouraging teachers and professors duty, inside and outside the classroom doors, and we like to do it with whatever tools they may need.

Our catalog provides a wide, engaging library from childhood to adult life, with room for fun and commitement, pleasure and learning. Our titles have been rewarded several times, the White Ravens Award, the IBBY Award and the Spanish National Prize of Youth Litterature are amongst our cherished ones. Our books have been translated in more than 25 languages aswell.

Also, our colleagues at Edebé Audiovisual and Licensing Division is devoted to the creation, development, production and distribution of audiovisual works for children and young people. In addition to the distribution of our own productions, we also distribute internationally third-party properties which complement our catalogue and share our editorial line.