Vito: I hate naps!

  • Stories with little text, to reinforce literacy.
  • Even combination between entertainment and learning.
  • Funny animations which guarantee laughs.

Do you enjoy taking a nap? Neither does Vito, and in this adventure he enjoys his crayons while his family are taking a nap. How do you explain the importance of taking a nap to a child? How do you explain the importance of taking a nap in order to be able to undertake other activities?  “Vito: I hate naps” explains why Vito is punished for two days without any TV. The story helps to understand why one must rest in order to enjoy other moments.  Anna Canyelles and Agustín Comotto have designed a funny and interactive story so any child can follow Vito in his adventure. At the end of the story, the child will understand that rest is necessary to keep the body going and will be able to enhance self-confidence as well as reading in a different way.  ¡Touch the screen and paint the walls! If you want to know more of Vito’s stories, try with “Vito: I have lice” and “My name is Vito”.