Vito have lice!

  • Story with little text to practise reading
  • Balance between fun and learning
  • Fun animations bound to make you smile

Have you ever had nits? Did you know that most of the children have had nits at one time or another? In this adventure, Vito has to fight the “attack of the lice”. How do you tell a child they have nits? How do you tell them not to worry? And... how do you get rid of lice?  Vito: I’ve got nits is just the application you need! Anna Canyelles and Agustín Comotto have created a fun, interactive story in which nits climb aboard Vito’s head. After a couple of attempts, the nits are finally driven off… elsewhere. After reading this originally designed story, the reader will understand they aren’t the only one this can happen to and their self-confidence will get a welcome boost. Fun animations bound to make you smile: crush the lice, pour shampoo on them, help Vito scratch...