The Hungry Wolf

  • Works about the notion of Family
  • Learn how winter transforms forests
  • A little bit of a sad story... with a happy ending!


A little wolf is crying in the middle of the forest. He saw the moon in the river, he thought it was a tasty cookie and jumped to reach it! It's just that the forest can be so different in winter... And now, mommy is out of sight. It's snowing and everything looks different... and so much time has passed since the little wolf ate, too much time he's starting to have visions and they see, in every branch of tree, a tasty sausage.

With this story, which is a little sad but with a happy ending, kids will learn how the forest can change in winter and how easy it is to get disoriented. Specially for little wolves, when they are alone. They will learn about the importance of being around their familiy or on sight, and they will understand what are the troubles to look for if they decide to go on their own.

★ A bit sad of a story... with a happy ending!

★ Learn the lesson from what happens to the little wolf

★ Reinforces habits: stay on sight of your family

★ Help little ones to understand what changes can take place in winter