The Hairy And Horrible Montser is Coming

  • Afraid of the dark? Don't be! Horrible monster is here!
  • A bedtime story
  • Helps little ones to sleep on their own
  • Spurrs on fantasy and imagination

Not all monsters are the same! Take The Hairy and Horrible Monster, for instance, he's just a scrounger, he climbs onto your bed and steals all the linen!

In dark, silent nights is when our imagination runs wild. Sometimes mosquitos show up, sometimes the monsters do... oh, boy, the monsters are the worst. The Hairy and Horrible Monster is one of the kind that shows up stealthily, but he likes to let you know he's there by his laughter... and then, he just takes all the bed space and let you out in the corner! Oh, and the topping: he snores!

★ Afraid of the dark? This tale will show you how to deal with it

★ If you think night monsters are the worst, think again

★ A tale about how to see the silver lining in our own fears

A funny tale where litlle ones will learn how to see the silver lining in their bad dreams. Because the darkness doesn't need to be dangerous, and monsters...well, they don't need to be mean just because. The Hairy and Horrible Monster is Coming it's a beautifull story of love-hate-love between a kid and a big, scounger, endearing monster.