Sayings about the earth

  • A month, a poem!
  • Educational trivia about every time of the year!
  • How many days are in each mont? When does it start to be cold? Which is the shortest month of the year?


This beautiful book will help you to learn how many days are in each month and what happens during the four seasons of the year, as well as the keys to being a good weatherperson. Have fun perusing through the colours of the year, from the green leaves of may to the blossoms of april, don't hurry taking off your clothes in march if you don't want to catch a cold and be sure to catch a ray of sun in december, when the days are the shortest.

★ Colorful collage-y illustrations

★ A bunch of knowledge about our earth!

★ Notice mother nature surrounding you


What to wear, what to look at and what to notice for every month of the year!