My name is Vito

  • Story will very little text, to allow literacy learning.
  • Even blending between enjoyment and learning.
  • Entertaining animations lead to Vito’s funny life.

What’s your name? Vito was named after his grandad but can’t understand why his mum, dad o neighbour call him different ways. He is not names snotty, kiddy or cutie. His name is Vito, from Gustavito. “My name is Vito” is a story which will help children connect with their families. Anna Canyelles and Agustín Comotto have created a funny and interactive story to make children learn their own name and to meet Vito, a fascinating and witty boy.  The child will learn the value of his own name and the nicknames his family has given him.  Vito is very sure about his name, but what about you? What’s your name? Touch the screen and play with Vito! If you want to know more about Vito, try: “Vito: I’ve got nits” or “Vito: I’ve wet myself”.