I went pee-pee...

  • A sweet fun story, with not that much drama!
  • Reinforces habits and self-steem
  • Guarantees laughs for everyone
  • Both printing and handwritted letter

Join Vito in his interactive night adventure. Tap on the screen to help him reach the bathroom, switch the light on, lift the toilet seat, hide and seek... WAIT. Hide and seek? Vito, what's going on... this aint' going to end nice...

VIto is learning to use bathroom on his own... but, well, he still mix things up a bit. Fun animations show this toddler's milestone, rooting on the kid. A fun, cute story that explains without drama this delicate moment on a child's development. It will help you both to talk about it without making a big deal out of a tiny accident... and to season it with humour! With Vito on his side, the kid will lear to play it down... and we will be helping him on something bigger than that: self steem. 

  • A bunch of fun animations
  • A sweet cute story, with humour and not so much drama
  • Printing letter for grown ups and handwritted to make reading easier
  • Helps build litle ones self steem
  • Reinforces habits
  • Laugs for everyone


Developed in partnership with TouchyBooks, proud member of Moms with Apps, a community of family-friendly developpers.