A really short story

  • For tiny books the most important thing in life is... you reading them!!
  • Reinforces reading habits
  • Build an emotional bound between kids and books

A different journey to a different land, one you may haven't noticed yet: the Land of Stories, there's where all little stories live.

The Land of Stories is home to all kinds and types of tales, including really short stories. This is the tale of one of those really short stories. In fact, the shortest one of them all. A place where you'll find the reason why is it so important to read: that's because, otherway, the books will get lonely and bored! And they will start dreaming about being thick fat books or mighty pirates.

  • Encourages little ones to do more reading
  • Establishes an emotional bound between kids and books
  • Spurrs on imagination: books are way more than objects, they are almost alive!

What are you going to do about that? Are you going to help this really little book to get some fun? Or he just better go lay down and die out of boredoom and dust in a shelf?