A chameleon in cat school

  • A tale about self-esteem
  • First day of school with lots of humour
  • Stress the importance of being oneself
  • Beautiful, hand painted artwork by Roger Olmos

Did you know that a chameleon can change its look and colour? Maybe that’s why Vito Chameleon’s mum sent him to cat school, thinking he could pass himself off as one of them. She thinks that cats are more elegant than chameleons. Poor Vito Chameleon!

First day of school can be stressing... don't even ask Vito! His mom had the briliant idea of enroling him in Cat School. The woman is convinced that cats are the most elegant and smart creatures so enroling him there would make Vito an elegant, dazzling one. But Vito can't help being what he is; a beautiful, green and big chameleon.  Poor Vito Chameleon!

Thanks to this funny story, that isabout who we really are, kids will have a good time. They will laugh at tricks Vito's Mom plays in order to disguise him, because she gots into his head his kid can be a cat.  They will learn, moreover, that everyone of us have our own peculiarities, they will learn that try and hide or change that doesn't makes us smarter or fancier... not even a bit.

  • A charming story about discovering one's personality.
  • Helps little ones to understand the importance of being oneself.
  • Reinforces self-esteem and helps discovering we are just wonderfull as we are.
  • Underlines the importance of focusing on what makes you yourself, what makes you different.